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"Sandhu Spice Processing Unit" is an organization whose basic principle is to raise the level of food and drink of humans. Because our company is basically associated with farming and its founder Mr. Iqbal Singh Sandhu himself was also a farmer. This company started in 2015-16 and its main objective was to make food items available in pure and high prices.

In 2015 itself, "Sandhu Spice Processing Unit" declared a brand named "Andaz Spices", initially only one product was brought in the market of "Turmeric Powder" whose purity and quality iron was considered by all. One reason for this is that all the work of growing turmeric in the fields and transporting it to the market is done by us ourselves, so there is no doubt of adulteration in our products and we have been able to maintain purity. Our products are tested in food labs before entering the market.

About 25 - 30 acres of cultivation is done by us only to grow turmeric, in which about 15-20 people also get employment from time to time.

Our Processing Units:

Boiler unit

Solar dryer unit

Electronic dryer unit

Polisher unit

Grader unit

Packing unit

Our existing products like turmeric powder, red chili powder, garam masala powder are very popular and soon new products like Dhania powder, rock salt, mustard oil, black pepper powder, black salt powder, chart masala etc. are coming in the market. , We hope that we will get your full support and we will live up to your expectations.

Mr. Hardeep Singh - CEO Andaaz